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Missions catalogues :
Duration of 6 months
Duration of 12 months with extension
Contract long term

Pricing :
Monthly fees
Royalties if contractualisation
Ramp down

Some Examples…

Transfer of Work from European subcontractors – France, Germany – to Low Cost Country for major aircraft manufacturer :
» Feasibility study
» Schedule of transfer
» Risks analysis
» Business Case

Exclusive representation of major US Company, leader in primary insulation manufacturing, for
European Customers :

» Presence at Customers sites
» Communication and Reporting
» Trouble Shooting
» Payments follow up

Business Development for European companies – precision machining, injection and foundry – for international Customers :
» Markets analysis
» Commercial prospection
» Support for Contract

Negotiation of Procurement costs for European companies :
» Sourcing in US zone
» Partnership contracts
» Surface treatments approach